LIPOXYL 50X ELITE : The ultimate Fat-Burning¹ formula

  • Thermogenic and fat-burning (green tea)
  • Promotes diuresis
  • Energy boost (ginseng)
  • Effervescent formula

Lipoxyl is a must-have supplement when you want to burn fat. The formula has been upgraded taking even more precisely into account the needs of the athletes wanting to get ripped.

A synergistic combination of highly researched active compounds

Lipoxyl 50x Elite first contains L-Carnitine and green tea, that supports fat release and burning while enhancing thermogenesis, i.e. the metabolic process during which your body burns calories. Garcinia cambogia, rich in hydroxycitric acid, simultaneously helps to control weight and to reduce fat storage, which makes it easier to stay lean.
Lipoxyl 50x Elite also includes dandelion, an herbal extract that promotes diuresis and reduces water retention.
Choline and chromium contribute to the metabolism of macronutrients (fats and sugars).

The formula further brings caffeine, L-Tyrosine and guarana, that boosts vitality and energy.

Effervescence : a major edge

Lipoxyl 50x Elite is characterized by its effervescent complex specifically designed to be perfectly adapted to the active ingredients of the new formula. The effervescent technology makes the absorption of its nutritional compounds easier and faster for optimum results.

Nutrition facts for a daily dosis

2284 mg of an active complex Lipoxyl 50x Elite, of which :
• 1000 mg L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
• 250 mg green tea (Camellia sinensis), of which 10,5 mg caffeine
• 179 mg caffeine
• 400 mg garcinia cambogia extract, of which 240 mg hydroxycitric acid
• 100 mg L-Tyrosine
• 250 mg choline
• 105 mg guarana (Paullinia cupana), of which 10,5 mg caffeine
• 20 µg chromium
 3666 mg of an effervescent complex, of which :
• citric acid
• malic acid
• sodium bicarbonate
• potassium bicarbonate

Green tea contributes to fat release and and oxidation while enhancing thermogenesis.
Green tea supports diuresisw
Guarana boosts vitality and energy

For Belgium

913,6 mg of an active complex Lipoxyl 50x Elite, of which :
• 400 mg L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
• 100 mg green tea (Camellia sinensis), of which 4,2 mg caffeine
• 71,6 mg caffeine
• 160 mg garcinia cambogia extract, of which 96 mg hydroxycitric acid
• 40 mg L-Tyrosine
• 100 mg choline
• 42 mg guarana (Paullinia cupana), of which 4,2 mg caffeine
• 8 µg chromium
1466,4 mg of an effervescent complex, of which :
• citric acid
• malic acid
• sodium bicarbonate
• potassium bicarbonate


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1 dose = 10 g. First pour the powder, then add 250 to 300 ml of cold water (adjust the quantity of water according to your preference). Let the effervescent reaction work (for about 30 seconds) and consume directly.
Take 2 servings a day : 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon. On training days, take 1 of these 2 servings just before working out. Keep at least 5 hours between each intake. Take 5 hours before bedtime. Stop using 2 consecutive days a week in order to avoid any adaptation to the active ingredients.

In Belgium, the recommended daily dosage of caffeine is 80 mg, which corresponds to 1 serving of 7,5 g.


400 g (40 servings)

Focus on how to get cut

When you want to improve your definition, you need to lose body fat while preserving muscle mass at the same time. For maximum results, it is important to take into account 4 complementary key aspects.

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Fat oxidation
The first step is to release fatty acids and transport them into the mitochondria, the body’s “power plants” where they are burned and turned into energy that the body will use, especiallly to fuel the muscles during training sessions.

Metabolic support
In a cutting phase, the body frequently slows the rate at which it burns fats and calories. Progress is then lessened, if not stopped. That is why it is essential to enhance metabolism and keep it high over time. Some plant extracts are able to bring valuable support.

Water retention often goes along with fat storage. The aim is to eliminate the excess fluids between skin and muscles that lead to a « swelling » effect. Promoting diuresis helps you achieve your lean physique goals.

Fat storage prevention
Some nutritional compounds contribute to the metabolism of macronutrients, meaning they ensure the body uses the carbs and lipids from foods as part of the metabolic process instead of storing them as body fat.


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The Coach’s corner

Lipoxyl 50x Elite is a powerful fat burning complex specially designed to help athletes get the physique they want in conjunction with their training and nutrition program.


An efficient fat burner with great results and an extra energy boost while working out.


To achieve outstanding quality, we pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of Lipoxyl 50x Elite from raw material selection to production. We also carry out strict controls to make sure our products meet the highest standards of quality. That is why you can be sure that each component listed on the label is fully included in the bottle.


All our supplements are engineered in laboratories by sports nutrition experts. They are guaranteed to be free of banned substance, ensuring perfect safety and meeting the sports nutrition needs of the most demanding athletes.

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