HGH NSX NEXT GEN : The effervescent optimization complex for maximum gains

  • Natural hormonal metabolism (vitamin B5)
  • Promotes protein synthesis (zinc)
  • Protection from oxidative stress (zinc, vitamin B2)
  • Effervescent complex

HGH NSX NEXT GEN has been designed to support hormone synthesis and metabolism¹. This technologically advanced formula combines 15 nutritional compounds working in perfect synergy to provide the most noticeable results.

An active HGHNSX complex
HGH NSX NEXT GEN first includes 9 key amino acids (L-Glutamine, L-Arginine AKG and HCl, L-Ornithine AKG and HCl, L-Glycine, L-Lysine HCl, L-Histidine, L-Threonine) and vitamins B6 and B5, that play a role in the natural synthesis and metabolism of hormones. By contributing to regulate hormonal activity², HGH NSX NEXT GEN offers a positive action within a training program. It is also a support solution to the age-related natural hormonal decrease.

An optimization support
HGH NSX NEXT GEN also contains zinc which helps to the maintenance of protein synthesis. Vitamin B2 intervenes in the protection of cells (among which muscles) from oxidative stress (especially induced by exercise). Vitamin D takes part in muscle function. Known for its adaptogenic properties, rhodiola rosea improves performance and resistance to stress.

Effervescence : a major edge

By promoting a more favorable pH environment, effervescence offers a protective effect optimizing the absorption of numerous sports nutrition compounds. That is why our experts have been working on developing a technologically advanced effervescent complex specifically adapted to the nutrients included in the formula and enabling a faster and better assimilation for maximum results.

Nutrition facts for a daily dosis

5102,5 mg of an active complex HGH NSX NEXT GEN, of which :
• 2000 mg L-Glutamine
• 600 mg L-Arginine AKG
• 600 mg L-Arginine HCl
• 500 mg L-Ornithine HCl
• 250 mg L-Ornithine AKG
• 400 mg L-Glycine
• 400 mg L-Lysine HCl
• 300 mg L-Histidine
• 300 mg L-Threonine
• 1,8 mg vitamin B5
• 0,7 mg vitamin B6
55,7 mg of an optimization support, of which :
• 5 mg zinc
• 0,7 mg vitamin B2
• 1,5 µg vitamin D
• 50 mg rhodiola rosea
3392 mg of an effervescent complex, of which :
• citric acid
• malic acid
• sodium bicarbonate
• potassium bicarbonate

¹ Vitamin B5 contributes to normal synthesis and metabolism of hormones.
² Vitamin B6 contributes to regulate hormonal activity.
Zinc contributes to normal protein synthesis. Zinc and vitamin B2 contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


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1 serving = 8 g. First pour the powder, then add 200 ml of cold water (adjust the quantity according to your preference). Let the effervescent work (for about 30 seconds) and consume directly. Take 2 servings a day.
Training days : one 30 minutes before working out and one at bedtime.
Rest days : one serving when you get up or in the morning and one at bedtime.
Follow preferably a continuous cycle of 8 weeks.


400 g (50 servings)

Focus on GH

Growth hormone (GH) is crucial to grow new muscular fibers. It also intervenes in fat burning and helps to preserve existing muscle mass.

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Moreover GH plays a role in supporting the immune system, memory and intellectual functions. It further contributes to prevent fatigue and stress while improving libido, sleep quality, hair and nail vitality, skin elasticity. By promoting cellular renewal, it provides a global anti-aging action.
Our body produces GH permanently, but natural hormonal release decreases significantly with age. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult to put on muscle and/or to burn fat. The performance capacity and the physical condition are simultaneously affected.
Some factors like training, nutrition and sleep quality can have a positive impact on natural hormonal synthesis and metabolism. Several specific nutritional compounds are also able to provide valuable support.

A unique flavor

We carry out a lot of tasting tests with real users until we get the best result. The goal is to propose a unique and gourmet taste that you’ll just love session after session.

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The Coach’s corner

HGH NSX NEXT GEN is a particularly efficient support complex for athletes seeking to get the best results from their training and nutrition program. One to two 8-week cycle(s) a year, especially after 25-30, will produce great benefits.


A top product to overcome a plateau rapidly and restart gaining muscle mass.


To achieve outstanding quality, we pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of HGH NSX NEXT GEN from raw material selection to production. We also carry out strict controls to make sure our products meet the highest standards of quality. That is why you can be sure that each component listed on the label is fully included in the bottle.


All our supplements are engineered in laboratories by sports nutrition experts. They are guaranteed to be free of banned substance, ensuring perfect safety and meeting the sports nutrition needs of the most demanding athletes.

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