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Effervescence : the technological advantage

Effervescence is a galenic form particularly well-suited to maximize the absorption of numerous sports nutrition compounds.

When you take a supplement, its active ingredients have to be easily available to deliver maximum benefits. But many of them are being altered through the different steps of the assimilation process.

Effervescence offers the advantage to ensure a protective effect during the metabolism of some nutrients. By promoting a more favorable pH environment, it prevents them from being degraded by the stomach acid fluids, which enables a faster and better assimilation. The painkillers like aspirin and paracetamol are common examples : used in effervescent form, they dilute in a few seconds and can be used directly.

But such a technology requires specific knowledge and technical expertise. Because developing a really effective effervescent product is not as simple as just adding bubbles to a formula. The process has to be correctly adjusted to the different active ingredients it is associated with. The goal is to bring them into the right places, in the best possible conditions for maximum results.

Carnixyl 2500x Elite

Carnixyl 2500X Elite

Effervescent complex with L-Carnitine, chromium and magnesium

Lipoxyl 50x Elite

Lipoxyl 50X Elite

Effervescent cutting formula

Creatmax pH Perfect

Creatmax pH Perfect

Effervescent complex with creatine and amino acids, designed to increase performance and muscle mass

Creatmax Energized

Creatmax Energized

Effervescent complex with creatine, amino acids and energy boosters designed to increase performance and muscle mass

HGH NSX Next Gen

HGH NSX Next Gen

Effervescent optimization complex HGHNSX for maximum gains