Ico Whey Pure, the ultimate mix of whey : hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate

  • Superior quality whey
  • Fast absorbing protein
  • Contributes to a growth in muscle mass (protein)


co Whey Pure combines three fast absorbing whey proteins : an hydrolysate, an isolate and a concentrate. They are all obtained through filtration processes allowing to remove nearly all fats, carbs, lactose and sugars while preserving the protein integrity. As a result, the formula exclusively contains protein sources with exceptional nutritional properties. This allows Ico Whey Pure to have a higher biological value than a classical whey.

Our whey complex accounts for 92,6% of the product composition (value for the vanilla ice cream flavor). Each dose of 30 g brings 24,3 g protein for only 1,5 g carbs and zero saturated fats, which is perfect for quality muscle mass.

Ico Whey Pure delivers all the important amino acids, especially the 9 called “essential” that the body cannot produce.
The formula also contains added BCAAs and L-Glutamine with respectively 5820 mg and 800 mg per dose. The BCAAs make up a large percentage of the amino acids found in muscular proteins and stimulate protein synthesis (muscle construction process). L-Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid within muscles.

Being fast absorbed, Ico Whey Pure is perfect in the morning when you wake up to break the overnight fast or after a training session to help muscle growth. It can also be taken between meals.

An Icopro Series formula

Whey is one of the most popular proteins among athletes. Many formulas are available on the market, but the quality level can vary a lot from a brand to another. Also, a lot of products contain far less protein than stated on their labels, but more fats and carbs.

With Ico Whey Pure, our goal is to provide a unique whey protein characterized by its superior nutritional value.

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For this we use technologically advanced filtration processes preserving whey. We do not rely on high temperature treatments, acids or aggressive salts that would alter the whey structure and its nutrition properties.
As a result, the hydrolysate, the isolate and the concentrate in Ico Whey Pure offer a very high quality and a maximum protein content. They are combined in precise proportions ensuring maximum potency.

Moreover, all the values provided information on the labels are accurate, coherent and confirmed by the multiple tests and analyses carried out on our products.

Nutrition facts per intake of 30 g

(Values for the vanilla flavor, it may vary slightly depending on the taste)

• 24,3 g protein
• 1,5 g carbs, of which 1,17 g sugars
• 1,5 g fats, of which 0,94 g saturates


2000 g (66 servings)
1000 g (33 servings)


Ico Whey Pure

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Mix 30 g in 200 to 250 ml of liquid (water, skimmed milk, vegetal milk). Adjust the quantity of liquid according to the desired consistency and taste.
Ico Whey Pure can be taken when a protein intake is needed. Take 1 to 3 doses a day according to your needs : at breakfast, after a training session, as a snack between meals.

Focus on whey proteins

Ico Whey Pure combines three whey proteins, each of them having its own specificities :

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Whey protein hydrolysate
It is the fastest absorbing protein available. Whey protein hydrolysate delivers its amino acids to muscles almost instantly. It is obtained through hydrolysis, a process during which protein molecules are broken down into smaller chains called peptides and polypeptides.

Whey protein isolate
It has a high biological value and provides a very large supply of essential and non-essential amino acids but hardly any carbs, sugars or lactose. It is obtained through an ultrafiltration process avoiding any denaturation of the protein structure. The isolate used in Ico Whey Pure brings more than 90% protein. Easily digested, it is the second protein source that feeds muscles, just after the whey hydrolysate.

Whey protein concentrate
Whey protein concentrate is made up of rapidly absorbed short amino acid chains. It works together with whey protein hydrolysate and isolate.

Incredible flavors

Our experts are teaming up with some of the best flavor scientists to develop absolutely delicious tastes that will seduce the finest gourmets. With Ico Whey Pure, you can enjoy shakes with incredible flavors that have been tested and approved by real users while benefiting from a protein with an exceptional nutritional quality.




vanilla ice cream

arôme fraise


The pictures are only for illustrative purposes.
* The strawberry flavor is available in 2000g.

The Coach’s corner

Ico Whey Pure has been designed for athletes wanting to gain muscle and looking for an efficient fast absorbing protein..


Perfect to support muscular development and recover rapidly after a good training session.


To achieve outstanding quality, we pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of Ico Whey Pure from raw material selection to production. We also carry out strict controls to make sure our products meet the highest standards of quality. That is why you can be sure that each gram of protein listed on the label is well included in the bottle and that the formula contains no hidden sugars or fats.

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