Ico Casein 100 : pure micellar casein

  • Slow absorbing protein
  • Low carbs, low sugar and low fat
  • Contributes to muscle growth (protein)


co Casein 100 is a slow digesting casein protein. It provides a steady supply of protein to your muscles for 6-8 hours, which helps to support the growth and the maintenance of muscle mass.

Ico Casein 100 is ideal to satisfy protein needs during long periods of time without eating, at night for example. It can also be taken between meals.

The protein in Ico Casein 100 is obtained from milk through a soft filtration process allowing to extract most fats and sugars with no denaturation of its components (amino acids). The result is a micellar casein with a superior nutrition profile.

Protein accounts for 94,5% of the product composition (for the vanilla ice cream flavor), a total unequalled. A serving of 30 g brings 24,3 g of protein with almost no saturated fat (0,27 g) and a very low amount of carbs and sugars, respectively 2,2 g and 1,19 g (values for the vanilla ice cream flavor, it may vary slightly depending on the taste).
Ico Casein also delivers all the key amino acids, among which the 9 called “essential”. The formula is particularly rich in BCAAs (5,44 g for 30 g), critical amino acids for athletes since they make up more than one third of the amino acids found in muscles.

Ico Casein 100 is a highly digestible protein ideal for all athletes, enabling them to enjoy the nutritional advantages of this premium quality formula.

Nutrition facts per intake of 30 g

(Values for the vanilla ice cream flavor, it may vary slightly depending on the taste)

• 23,4 g protein
• 2,29 g carbs
• 0,44 g fats, of which 0,27 g saturates
• 0,21 mg vitamin B6
• 1,5 mg zinc


900 g (30 servings)


Utilisation Ico Casein 100

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Mix 30 g (= 1 scoop) in 200 to 250 ml of liquid (water, skimmed milk, vegetal milk). Adjust the quantity of liquid according to the desired consistency and taste.

If Ico Casein 100 is used as exclusive extra protein source, take 1 to 3 doses a day according to your needs : between meals in the morning and/or in the afternoon and at bedtime.

If you take Ico Casein 100 only as a night protein, take just 1 dose at bedtime.

Focus on the properties of casein

People who exercise regularly know that protein supplementation is a key issue for maximum progress. Whether you wish to gain muscle mass or to get cut, a steady protein supply is necessary to avoid hampering all your training efforts.

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But there are different types of proteins, each of them having its own specifications. It is important to know their characteristics to use them when appropriate.

Casein is a slow absorbing protein. This is one of the slowest digesting protein. It releases amino acids to the muscles over a longer period of time compared to other protein sources such as whey protein. It can feed muscles for several hours. That is why casein is the ideal choice during extended periods of time without eating.


Ico Casein 100

Vanilla Ice Cream

Ico Casein 100


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The coach’s corner

Ico Casein 100 has been designed for athletes wanting to gain muscle and looking for a quality slow absorbing protein providing a sustained amino acid release at key times : in the evening at bedtime and/or between meals.


Mixes well, highly digestible, perfect at night.


To achieve outstanding quality, we pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of Ico Casein 100 from raw material selection to production. We also carry out strict controls to make sure our products meet the highest standards of quality. That is why you can be sure that each gram of protein listed on the label is well included in the bottle and that the formula contains no hidden sugars or fats.

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