Ico Amino Energy : essential amino acid complex

  • 16,4 g of amino acids
  • 8 g of BCAAs
  • Boosts energy (guarana)


uscles are made of proteins composed of amino acids which are key elements for muscle mass maintenance and growth. During a training session, amino acid stores are partly used to meet the energy needs. That is why it is important to renew them regularly to prevent muscular breakdown and help the body to recover and develop more easily.

Among the different amino acids, some are called “essential” because the body cannot produce them. They must be brought through nutrition and supplementation.

Ico Amino Energy is an ultra-complete formula bringing precious essential amino acids : L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Methionine, L-Histidine, but also L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine, the three BCAAs that make up more than 35% of the amino acids found in muscles.
Ico Amino Energy also contains an optimum dosage of L-Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in muscular fibers. Moreover it includes L-Citrulline, L-Tyrosine, L-Arginine and taurine, that can potentially become essential, especially within an intensive training program, because the body is not always able to produce enough of them.
All these amino acids are micronized and water soluble for a better absorption.

Ico Amino Energy also contributes to increase focus¹ and to boost vitality and energy².

And it offers the advantage of being carb and sugar free.

Ico Amino Energy is a high quality formula ensuring an efficient support to get the best results.

an Icopro Series formula

When you choose an Icopro Series supplement, you know exactly what the formula contains and which results you can expect.
Ico Amino Energy includes no “exclusive or proprietary blends” in which some compounds are combined into a complex for which only a total dosage is stated, the goal being generally to overdose the cheaper ingredients while invisibly underdosing the most expensive.

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Ico Amino Energy has nothing to do with these products overloaded with cheap amino acids such as L-Glycine and L-Alanine instead of key amino acids, which definitely impacts the progress you can make.

With Ico Amino Energy, no marketing hype, no miraculous composition. The product is based on solid facts and the compounds are included at full dosages for maximum efficiency.

Nutrition facts for a daily intake

• 8000 mg BCAAs, of which 4000 mg L-Leucine, 2000 mg L-Isoleucine and 2000 mg L-Valine
• 2000 mg L-Glutamine
• 2000 mg taurine
• 1220 mg L-Arginine HCl
• 800 mg L-Citrulline malate
• 500 mg L-Lysine HCl
• 400 mg L-Threonine
• 400 mg L-Phenylalanine
• 400 mg L-Methionine
• 400 mg L-Tyrosine
• 200 mg L-Histidine
• 114 mg magnesium
• 159 mg caffeine
• 10 mg guarana (Paullinia cupana), of which 1 mg caffeine

¹Caffeine contributes to increase focus. – ²Guarana boosts vitality and energy.
* Nutrient Reference Values

For Belgium

• 4000 mg BCAAs, of which 2000 mg L-Leucine, 1000 mg L-Isoleucine and 1000 mg L-Valine
• 1000 mg L-Glutamine
• 1000 mg taurine
• 610 mg L-Arginine HCl
• 400 mg L-Citrulline malate
• 250 mg L-Lysine HCl
• 200 mg L-Thréonine
• 200 mg L-Phénylalanine
• 200 mg L-Méthionine
• 200 mg L-Tyrosine
• 100 mg L-Histidine
• 57 mg magnésium (soit 15% VNR*)
• 79,5 mg caffeine
• 5 mg de guarana (Paullinia cupana), dont 0,5 mg de caféine

¹Caffeine contributes to increase focus. – ²Guarana boosts vitality and energy.
* Nutrient Reference Values


Ico Amino Energy

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Mix 10 g in 250 to 350 ml of fresh water. Take 1 to 2 doses a day.
Use Ico Amino Energy pre-workout and/or intra-workout, or anytime you want to ensure an amino acid delivery or when an extra boost is needed..


300 g (30 servings)

Focus on the role of amino acids during training

During a workout, the body uses a large part of the amino acids within muscles as a source of energy. This contributes to set up a catabolic environment leading to muscle breakdown as opposed to anabolism (the process by which the body repairs and develops the different tissues).

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Delivering amino acids before or during a training session helps to prevent catabolism and to have a positive impact on anabolism. This directly allows to support muscle growth and recovery. And it also preserves the glycogen stores (the main fuel reserve), which improves endurance and performance.

Incredible flavors

Our researchers work closely with the best flavor experts and we carry out a lot of tasting tests with real users until we get the best result. The goal is to propose unique and gourmet tastes, that cannot be found in any other pre-workout on the market and that you’ll just love session after session.

The pictures are only for illustrative purposes.


raspberry – blueberry


mango – pineapple


Passion Fruit – Mango

The Coach’s corner

Ico Amino Energy is a versatile supplement that can be used ideally before and while a training session, but also at breakfast, after lunch time or in the afternoon to ensure an amino acid delivery or when an extra boost is needed.


A great formula providing easily assimilated amino acids to feed muscles and support recovery.


To achieve outstanding quality, we pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of Ico Amino Energy from raw material selection to production. We also carry out strict controls to make sure our products meet the highest standards of quality. That is why you can be sure that each component listed on the label is fully included in the bottle.

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