icopro series

The « ICOPRO SERIES » concept

Proven nutritional compounds

When we develop an Icopro (Integrated Conditioning Programs) Series formula, we first start by having a deep and careful review of all the nutritional compounds that could provide a valuable edge given a specific goal (performance, muscle gains, fat burning, recovery support…). Then we analyze and compare the different researches that have been conducted on them to eventually choose only the most potent ones that we combine at full dosages. Our supplements have nothing to do with these products relying on inefficient “exotic” nutrients just used for marketing purpose or to artificially boost the number of ingredients. Instead, each selected compound has a specific role to play and ensures maximum efficiency.

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Ultra-complete formulas

Our Research & Development experts are committed to developing high-grade supplements that they would use themselves. Each formula includes the best active compounds you need to achieve your goals. Our primary concern definitely remains the users’ interests, which allows us to propose all-in-one complexes positioning themselves as leaders in their category. No need to take two, three (and even more) different products

Full dosages

Engineered in laboratories by sports nutrition experts, the “Icopro Series” supplements are among the few products that include so many proven compounds at full dosages. Because to make significant progress, it is essential to provide the body with the right nutrients and plant extracts at precise quantites. That is why our labels clearly disclose every single active ingredient and its amount. Total transparency is a key value for us.

Premium quality

To achieve outstanding quality, we pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of our supplements from raw material selection to production. We also carry out strict controls enabling us to meet the highest standards of quality. You can be sure that each component listed on the label is fully included in the bottle.

Iso Whey 100

Iso Whey 100

Pure whey isolate with added L-Glutamine

Ico Whey Pure

Ico Whey Pure

Hydrolysate, isolate and concentrate


Ico Gen Phase 8

Multi-phase protein complex

Ico Casein 100

Ico Casein 100

Pure micellar casein

Icomax Nitro

Ico Max Nitro

Pre-workout formula

Icomax Hi-Def

Ico Max Hi-Def

Pre-workout for fat loss

Icopro Series


2-1-1 BCAA complex

Ico Amino Energy

Ico Amino Energy

Essential amino acid complex


Ico Post

Post-workout formula

Icodrin 2.0

Ico Drin 2.0

Fat-burning complex

Rip Cut 24

Rip Cut 24

Fat burning and weight control 24 hours a day

Ico T-GH Max

Ico T-GH Max

GHX1 & Test optimization complex


Ico Test 2.0

Support complex Test X2

Icosteo 2.0

Ico Steo 2.0

Joint support complex