Iron Pancake : Nutritional preparation for high
protein pancakes and waffles

  • Premium whey isolate
  • Slow-releasing complex carbohydrates
  • Super easy to prepare and fantastic taste


ron Pancake is a perfect nutritional preparation for making high protein and nutritious pancakes and waffles. Delicious and soft, they combine an amazing taste with a perfect nutritional profile.

The whey intake is ensured exclusively by a pure high biological value isolate. Each serving provides a total of 23 g of protein with a complete amino acid profile including 3,3 g of BCAAs.

The carbohydrate supply comes from whole oat flour, one of the best sources of natural complex carbohydrates. Thanks to its low glycemic index, this steady and slow-release carbohydrate provides a long-lasting energy level.

The balanced ratio between protein and complex carbohydrates also promotes optimum lean mass¹ gains. Low in sugar, saturated fat and calories, Iron Pancake is perfect for those wanting to get lean and stay fit. The fibers will make you feel full for longer and contribute to weight control.

These pancakes are very easy and quick to make. You can even prepare them ahead of time.

Iron Pancake can be consumed at any time of the day : at breakfast, as a snack between meals, before or after a workout or even before bed. It is a tasty and convenient way to reach your nutrition goals.

Iron Pancake: an Iron Series formula

The “Iron Series” line is characterized by its ultra-complete nutritional solutions packed with an array of carefully selected ingredients at precise dosages and designed to meet the athletes’ specific needs.

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Iron Pancake has been formulated only with ingredients providing the highest nutritional quality. This is a healthy and delicious alternative to regular pancakes and waffles.

Our experts have opted exclusively for a pure whey protein isolate obtained through ultrafiltration. This manufacturing process keeps the active ingredients of the protein intact, unlike most protein products, which are altered during their filtration process, leading to a loss of their nutritional values. Our isolate thus provides a complete supply of essential and non-essential amino acids with no sugar or fat.

Main active ingredients for daily intake:

Nutritional information per daily dose (60 g):
(Values ​​for the Vanilla-Spéculoos flavor, it may vary slightly from a flavor to another)
• 23 g proteins
• 22,7 g carbohydrates, of which 21,2 g complex carbs and 1,5 sugars
• 8,9 g fats, of which 2,7 g saturates
• 3,1 g fibers


900 g (15 servings)

¹ Protein contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.



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Mix 60 g in approximately 120 ml of water or skim milk to make 4 small pancakes or 1 large pancake or a waffle. Mix in a shaker until you obtain a smooth dough. Then pour into a hot non-stick pan or an oiled waffle iron. Continue cooking until golden. Flip and cook the other side.

Iron Pancake can be consumed at any time of the day when a high quality nutritional intake is required: at breakfast, as a snack between meals, before or after training, or even before bedtime.

Gourmet flavors

Our challenge is to always provide formulas not only with an exceptional nutrition profiles but also with delicious gourmet flavors. Each flavor of Iron Pancake has been meticulously crafted and perfected to achieve the best result.

The pictures are only for illustrative purposes.


Choco Delitella


Vanilla Speculoos

The coach’s corner

Thanks to its balanced nutritional profile, rich in protein and essential nutrients, Iron Pancake feeds the body and the muscles while ensuring a long-lasting energy support.


Iron Pancake is ideal for making quick and delicious breakfasts, snacks or desserts that you can eat guilt-free.


We pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of Iron Pancake from raw material selection to production. Each product also undergoes strict controls to make sure it meets the highest standards of purity, quality and consistency. That is why you can be sure that each component listed on the label is well included in the bottle and that the formula contains no hidden calories, fats, sugars or under-dosed key ingredients.

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